Autonomous Migration and Cloud-Neutral Database Replication

Blitzz unlocks the business value by replicating DB updates to streaming data pipelines, at scale, while delivering a real-time, consistent view of customer data, assets and business intelligence across applications and business units.

How is Blitzz different from existing solutions?

  • Blitzz is designed with a scale out and distributed architecture in mind. 

  • Blitzz is the only product that can perform real-time data movement, schema and query translation across heterogeneous data platforms.

  • Blitzz maintains data integrity while replicating data between traditional Oracle, DB2, SQL server databases to Key-Value/NoSQL stores such as Cassandra .

  • Blitzz is fault tolerant, that is, it is immune to source or target DB downtimes as well as its own failures. It recovers from failures and continues from where it left off. 

  • Blitzz is secure and does not require shell access either at source or at destination stores. This is true for initial load as well as continuous replication modes. Suitable for data replication across destination stores hosted in public cloud.

  • Blitzz is future proof since it does not rely on physical log formats of the source data store. It is resilient to log format changes across source database releases.

  • Blitzz is a self-contained solution that does not rely on third party or vendor provided external change data capture solutions.

  • Blitzz can automate schema translation and also perform query rewrites. Traditionally, this has been done using expensive professional services engagements.


Marketing Analytics department at large pharmaceutical company had a problem in consolidating data from multiple worldwide locations.


Built from the ground up, Blitzz delivers the flexibility, accuracy and efficiency that simply isn’t possible with traditional solutions in the market.

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