Build cloud-native, high-performance data applications with YugaByteDB and Blitzz

Zero-downtime migrations

Using Blitzz’s unique architecture, users can easily migrate entire databases to YugaByteDB,  with zero downtime. This gives Blitzz users the power to do consistent and reliable transactional data replication from other databases to YugaByte DB, without data loss.

Future-proof your modern application development

Blitzz offers a variety of easy to deploy solutions for all DBAs, developers and data engineers who are building modern cloud native applications on top of YugaByteDB. Using Blitzz, users can easily migrate data from a variety of sources to YugaByteDB.

Blitzz’s cutting-edge CDC (Change Data Capture) capabilities made it easy to create data pipelines to support data replication. Besides fully-consistent and reliable data replication pipelines into YugaByteDB, Blitzz also supports full schema conversion from a wide variety of databases to YugaByteDB. This includes being able to convert data and schemas between SQL and NoSQL sources.

Seamless NoSQL and SQL schema and data conversions

Moving data between NoSQL and SQL sources has always been difficult. Blitzz has the ability to automatically migrate schemas, indexes, views, and data to YugaByteDB seamlessly. It saves data teams weeks of manual work in mapping schemas and data from the source to the target database.

Supported sources to YugabyteDB

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